Photo Gallery > Arecibo Observatory Project 2013

"At the heart of Maggie Wolszczan’s childhood is her almost decade long stay on the splendid isle of Puerto Rico.
The days melted together as she spent her time under a cerulean sky umbrella, swimming, building sand castles and, thanks to her father the astronomer, exploring one of the island’s most coveted landmarks, the Arecibo Observatory; the largest single dish radio telescope in the world.
The Arecibo Observatory Project is an ode to this moment in time, when life was about freedom of the soul, fearless exploration and careless hanging from palm trees.
This year the Arecibo Observatory celebrates its 50 Year Anniversary, and Maggie, having been part of the observatory story, pays tribute to this grand milestone with this project."

*Many thanks to Phil Perillat and Fernando Camilo for safely guiding me on this photographic journey, 450 feet above the earth, across the 900 ton platform, in pursuit of these photos.